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Rat Trap – Constant Fear EP

Rat Trap


Constant Fear


I don’t quite understand why everyone in Boston is so angry.  It’s a nice town and the people seem to be better than a lot of places I’ve been.  In fact, it’s probably my favourite place to visit in the States.  So why the hell is everyone there so incredibly angry?  It’s not a complaint, it’s just something I wonder about.  Take, for example, Rat Trap, the newest gaggle of extremely pissed off Bostonians (technically from Charlestown I think ) to emerge from that city’s legendary hardcore scene.

Constant Fear wastes no time getting to the point with “Pestiliant Infector” blending fast-paced riffs with punishing vocals.  It is angry and relentless, just like good hardcore should be.  Next is “Black Bags” which brings more of the same while busting out some of the most memorable riffs on the EP.  “Ceaseless Oppression” is impressive as well, but the breakdowns in “Fleshmask” end the EP in the perfect way, and leave me with my only complaint that this is all there is.  Someone should sign this band, pay for them to do a full length, and help keep Boston from losing their crown as one of the angriest and most aggressive cities in hardcore.

I don’t know where you can buy a physical copy online, but you can listen to it and buy a digital version here.


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