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Hoax – Hoax LP



Hoax LP


Since their inception Hoax has always seemed to pride themselves on being one of the most aggressive, blunt, and quasi-violent bands in hardcore.  The first time I saw them the singer repeatedly took a mic-in-fist swing at anyone who happened to most by him…and that was when he wasn’t bashing himself in the head or staring crazily-eyed into the abyss.  While there is obviously a bit of theatrics going on, there is little doubt that this band’s mission is to lay it all out on the table in whatever ways they can.

After a string of acclaimed a sought-after 7”’s, Hoax has finally put together a proper full length.  This self-titled LP doesn’t miss a beat from where there previous releases have left off from.  Almost every song on this album is a hostile, mono-syllabic ode to destruction that mixes barked lyrics, dark subject matters, and buzz saw guitars.  In other words, if you have liked anything that this band has put out in the past, you will likely be a fan of this release as well.

Here are Lost Tribe we all agreed that “Faggot” was the best hardcore song of that year (I want to say 2011), so I was curious to see if they would be able to pull off a similar feat with one of the 12 tracks on this album.  While nothing quite snags the ‘best song of the year’ prize, “Lost Control” does come pretty damn close.  Along with “Drive”, “Blind” and handful of others, Hoax manages to unleash antagonistic and intimidating hardcore without losing the ability to write a mean chorus or deliver a memorable riff.  The album also includes a host of guests including: Cali DeWitt, Mark McCoy, Matt Adis, Shawn Fillley, Sugi, Heather Benjamin, Sam Ryser, Emma Kohlmann, Guillem El Muro, Alex Heir, Colin Swanson-White, Jaybo Gardner, and Tony Pasquarosa.

Whatever hype this band has been getting is pretty well-deserved.  This record has everything: great songs, powerful delivery, and 12 songs that you will be jamming for the foreseeable future. If you have a hidden (or not-so-hidden) desire to smash, maim, and obliterate then Hoax is probably going to be right up your alley.

Also, they released the album digitally for free, so if you are poor here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/download/inbe7t3epqxxbei/HOAX_LP.zip

If you’ve got some cash, buy it here.


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