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Fuck the Facts – Amer

Fuck the Facts



Everyone in metal should probably sit down and take notes from Fuck the Facts.  This group of Ottawa/Gatineau-based bastardized grinders have been putting out some of the best ear-splitting music around for over a decade, and do so without half of the praise they deserve.  Beginning as Topon Daz’s one-man brainchild, FTF has somehow become one of the most well-respected and hard-working bands in metal.  I’ve seen them play in some of the dingiest, dirtiest, shittiest venues in Ontario, and they always put on a fuckin’ show, even if it was only to 20 people.


Fuck the Facts are a band I’ve long respected and appreciated, largely in part because of their ability to stay fresh and interesting in a genre that is all too often guilty of rehashing old riffs and refusing to think outside the box.  Recent albums Disgorge Mexico and Die Miserable moved the band away from pure-blistering grind and into darker, more ethereal territory.  Luckily, each new evolution of this band has been more interesting, mature, and more enjoyable than the one before.


Their new EP, Amer, is no different.  Blending elements of grind, death, and even groove metal, this record is damn near accessible.  Now, using a term like that for Fuck the Facts barely makes any sense, but it’s oddly applicable here.  The songs are full of well-thought out dynamics, usually run around the 2-3 minute mark, and are full of amazing riffs and catchy vocal patterns.  And somehow they do all of this without becoming boring, generic, or soft.  Pay especially close attention to tracks like “Une Triste Vue” and “A Void”, as they really embody what I’m trying to say.


One caveat, if you are wayyyyy into lyrical content, but do not have a grip on the French language, then this may not be the best album for you.  Written entirely in French, this album has put my 6th grade French Immersion skills to the test.  Nevertheless, there is little doubt about the pain and anguish behind many of these lyrics.


So all in all, if you haven’t listened to Fuck the Facts before this might actually be a good place to start.  But really, what the hell is your problem? Don’t you like good metal?  Why haven’t you listened to this band yet? Shame on you.  This has quickly become one of the best records of 2013 and easily my favourite non-English record of all time (I’m not sure if that’s saying much, but whatever, it’s true).


Buy it here (And if you dig this record from FTF I highly recommend the Misery EP as well).

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