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Doomriders – Grand Blood



Grand Blood

Deathwish Inc.


Some bands have all the luck.  Graced with talent, a dedicated fan base, the ability to be career musicians writing amazing music, etc. etc.  For Converge that doesn’t seem to be enough.  Irons, All Pigs Must Die, Wear Your Wounds are others are mere ‘side projects’ for the members of this juggernaut of a group.  These are bands that have won over fans in their own right, and have put out some downright incredible music.  And to be honest, from a personal taste perspective, I’ll take an All Pigs Must Die record over a non-Jane-Doe Converge album any day of the week, but I digress.

Doomriders is another long-running Converge side project, featuring Nate Newton bass player of Converge) on guitar and vocals.  Like the other bands mentioned, Doomriders isn’t just some band created on a whim and praised by sycophants, it’s a legit, crushingly heavy metallic hardcore band.  On the heels of previous album including Black Thunder and Darkness Comes Alive, Grand Blood is a goddamn behemoth of d-beat infused aggression.  I love this band because there are no down points…no journeys into experimental or ethereal territory…just songs that are brutal, frantic, and fast, and other songs that are brutal, frantic, driving, and slightly less fast.  Songs like “New Pyramid”, “Grand Blood”, and “Gone to Hell” will do a better job explaining of heavy this band can be than I ever could.

All in all, this is an impressive release from a band that I got into because I liked the cover of Danzig’s “Possession” that they did way back when on a split with Coliseum.

Buy this album now.


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