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Coke Bust – Confined

Coke Bust



Grave Mistake Records

Coke Bust is one of those bands that probably hasn’t gotten the praise they deserve.  While respected, I never hear their mentioned when people talk about the crème-de-la-creme of blistering, pissed off hardcore bands.  Hailing from Washington, DC, Coke Bust delivers a straight edge blast of fastcore that honestly sort of makes me want to put down my beer.

I first picked up on this band when they released Fuck Bar Culture.  With such an on-the-nose band name and record title I had to check them out, but when I did I was actually quite surprised.  I was expecting kinda-cliche youth crew straight edge extolling the positive benefits of clean living, but was rather confronted with no-holds-barred, well-crafted, confrontational hardcore.  Fortunately, little has changed on Confined.  9 tracks, with less than half clocking in over 1 minute, and none of them exceeding 1:20, demonstrate that this band isn’t interested in fucking around.  All they seem to want to do is bludgeon my ear drums with unbridled hatred and memorable riff after memorable riff.

In short, if you’ve got 10 spare minutes and feel like having your senses assaulted with gloriously angry hardcore, then Confined is the record for you.

Put your beer money to better use and buy this record.


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