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Review: Born Wrong – Born Wrong LP

Born Wrong


Born Wrong LP

There is an inner conflict that happens every time I listen to Born Wrong’s debut, self-titled LP.  Musically, it is everything I love about the band.  It’s unabashedly frantic, angry, and yet surprisingly focused, and perfectly represents what is keeping Ontario punk and hardcore interesting in 2016.  All of that being said, before even being released, it was also labelled as a farewell for the band.

I mean, what the hell?  Why did they have to put out an LP this strong and then implode before even getting to tour it? I guess it’s just further proof there isn’t much justice in the world these days.

Nevertheless, once you get over the first-world problem I was just moaning about, you can enjoy this near-flawless record in all its glory.  My only gripe with this band was that all of their releases left me wanting more, and I figured that problem would be taken care of when they got around to releasing a full-length album, but now that that day is here, it hardly seems like enough now that it seems it’ll also be the band’s last offering.

Tracks like “Nailed”, “Fear”, and “Disposable” pick up exactly where they left off with Holding Cell and Art District.  “Vanguard Cycle” has some of the strongest riffs on the record, “Highway of Heroes” gets better with every listen, and “Born Wrong” is unquestionably an album highlight.

In short, go buy this album, listen to it as loud as humanely possible, and mourn the fact that there is now one less great band than there used to be.Fuck.


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