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Review: Sect – Sect LP



Sect LP

Few things are better than hearing Chris Colohan is in a new band.  From Left for Dead to Cursed, Ruination, Countdown to Oblivion, The Swarm, and Burning Love, to just name a few, to say that he has a good track record of producing quality hardcore would likely be major understatement. On top of that, add that the new band includes dudes from Earth Crisis, Catharsis, and the drummer from Fall Out Boy (say what you want about that band, this dude’s drumming ability has never been in question), and you know it will probably be right up the alley of anyone who grew up listening to hardcore in the late 90s/early 2000s like I did.

Regardless of the band members’ history, this record stands on its own in every way imaginable.  From the opening calls against police brutality in “Curfew” to the snaking riffs of “Death Dealer” this album doesn’t waste any time hitting as hard as it can.  Colohan’s vocals, the thunderous drumming, and crunching guitar lines seem both well-planned and energetic throughout songs like “Interference”, “Rendition”, and “Total Void”.  As if that isn’t enough, the strongest song on the whole record is saved until the end. “Sinking” is a bit slower and more layered than other songs on the record, but it is still as intense and arguably more hard-hitting than the faster and shorter tracks on the record.

In short, it’s a good time to be someone who is into that hard-hitting, relentless type of metallic hardcore that was once so prevalent.  The best part of this record is that although it has a sound that is distinctly from the period from which its band members are most well-known, the record is organized and presented in such a way as to not feel dated or simply a rehashing of someone’s glory days.

Grab it here or via one of about half a dozen labels.


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