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Review: G.L.O.S.S. – Demo



Not Normal

I don’t know that we’ve ever reviewed a demo on this site, but there are two very good reasons why we’d start with this one. First and foremost is the music. From the first notes of “G.L.O.S.S. (We’re from the future)” there is no doubt just how pissed off this band is. Hard, stripped down hardcore mixed with some of the most impassioned and genuinely furious vocals that I’ve heard in a long time. “Masculine Artifice” keeps things rolling by blending galloping punk beats and believably frustrated calls to ‘get off my back!’

While these first two tracks were enough to make this one of the best demos I’ve heard in the last couple years, it’s “Outcast Stomp” that solidifies this release as one that will not be soon forgotten. This stomping (duh!) track sounds like someone paying homage to The Rival Mob and inadvertently writing a song that is better than 90% of what Rival Mob has done. It’s the stand out front-runner for song of the year in my opinion.

The other album highlight is the following track “Lined Lips and Spiked Bats”. I honestly can’t imagine a more vicious call to arms or stand of defiance. Also, it’s extremely well written and just gets better with every listen.   The closer “Targets of Men” doesn’t slouch either, leaving this demo without a single low point or missed opportunity. Like I said, it’s the best piece of music we’ve heard in a long time.

The other reason that this album is worth talking about is because G.L.O.S.S. (which stands for Girls Living Outside of Society’s Shit) helps give voice to the punk/hardcore community’s transgender community. Rather than coding the struggles of transgender women in metaphorical lyrics, G.L.O.S.S. uses each song as an opportunity to loudly vent about the issues and barriers facing this community. They are proud, loud, and aren’t about to take anyone’s shit.   It really does make sense that this band has decided to blend their stories with this type of music, as I can’t imagine a more direct, raw, and meaningful way to express the frustrations of occupying such a marginalized place.

Buy this demo and help support one of the most exciting and refreshing bands in hardcore.


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