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Lost Tribe Podcast – Episode 1: Action Heroes

Lost Tribe Podcast (version 2) – Episode 1: Action Heroes

Lost_tribe_logo_v2Punk rock, nerd talk is back! After a lengthy hiatus, the Lost Tribe Podcast has returned.  Rather than a new podcast every week, we are going to be aiming for bi-weekly episodes (we’re old and have shit to do, so we can’t pull weekly episodes off anymore).  Also, our sound quality isn’t complete garbage anymore!  I guess we’re coming up in the world.

In this, the first episode of the new and improved Lost Tribe Podcast the boys discuss whether they miss the 80s or if they just miss being young.  Specifically, they make the argument that nothing beats 80s action movies and that SNL probably always sucked.

Listen to the episode here!  Download it directly here! It should also be on iTunes within a day or two (we’re working out some technical difficulties).

Also, check out Our War, a comic book created by some of the dudes from Lost Tribe!  @ourwarcomic (on twitter) and www.dirtmerchpress.com


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