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Review: Lord Dying – Poisoned Alters

Lord Dying


Poisoned Alters

Relapse Records

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I really love High on Fire, but some of their songs are too damn long…c’mon guys, I’ve got shit to do.” Ok, maybe not many of you have thought that, but I honestly have on more than one occasion. Don’t get me wrong, High on Fire is incredible on their worst day, but there have been the odd thought in the back of my head that a band that played the same type of sludgy, crunchy, rock-influenced metal, but without the 9 minute song lengths, is much needed.

For those of you who have thought way too much about this topic like I have, there is now Lord Dying! While this isn’t their first release, it is their first on Relapse, and the first one I had heard, and from the first track I was blown away. Memorable riff after memorable riff drives this album, and are perfectly paired with the sinister, coarse vocals that have just enough diversity to always keep things interesting. They’ve taken what they did on Summon The Faithless and honed it even further on this record. It’ a mature, well-crafted rager that doesn’t really have a single low point.

In short, get it as soon as you can.

Buy it here.


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