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Top 14 of 2014 – Part 2 (of 2)

Here are the best of the best of the last year!  Enjoy and thanks for keeping up with Lost Tribe, despite our sometimes spotty posting record.  A more consistent and engaged Lost Tribe is planned for the upcoming year.


  1. Trap Them – Blissfucker: Trap Them always seems to make my Best Of lists when they’ve put out a release, and this year is no different. This record is the logical successor to Darker Handcraft and continues the band’s descent into crushing, down-tuned, madness. “Salted Crypts” is one of the strongest opening tracks I’ve heard this year (aside from #2 on this list), and the rest of the record delivers in a similar fashion.


  1. Born Wrong – Art District: If you want a complete run-down of my thoughts on this record, read the full review found on the main page, but in short, Art District is yet another flawless effort by these Hamilton hardcore main-stays. The record is stripped down, relentless, and another reminder that this band needs to put out a full-length already!


  1. Bane – Don’t Wait Up: One of the saddest pieces of news in hardcore this year was the announcement that Bane is calling it quits after Don’t Wait Up. They still seem to be touring pretty regularly, but this will be it for recorded music. What makes this such a shame is that this record is as strong, or stronger than most of their previous work. It’s an introspective, retrospective, and deeply inspiring record. Hardcore won’t be the same without these guys.


  1. Pup – Pup: Not only does Pup make the top 3 of this list, I would also say that they had the best release of a new band this year. It’s raucous, raw, and profoundly infectious. This self-titled LP is full of songs that stick in your head and refuse to be evicted, no matter what. I can’t recommend this record highly enough, especially to those who enjoy well-crafted, catchy, and original punk records.


  1. Haymaker – Let Them Rot: Haymaker, albeit with a modified line-up is finally back and tearing up hardcore like no other band can. “Let Them Rot” is the best Side 1/Track 1 of the year despite clocking in at under 90 seconds. Haymaker still has the hatred, fury, and utter contempt that has made this band so infamous and well-respected. Hopefully this 7 inch is just a taste of things to come.


  1. Fucked Up – Glass Boys: Despite already having provided a full review of this record a couple months ago, it bears repeating that Fucked Up is the most exciting, innovative, and entertaining band in hardcore. Glass Boys trades in the grandiose indulgence of David Comes to Life for a more reflective treatise on what it is to be an aging hardcore ‘kid’. The songs are robust, infectiously catchy, and expertly crafted. It’s a record that definitively shows that Fucked Up is playing in a league all their own.

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