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Top 14 of 2014 – Part 1 (of 2)

So it’s just about that time of the year again!  Anyone and everyone reviews the last year by making some sort of list that encapsulates the last 12 months.  Although I’m sure we are missing countless albums, EPs, and singles by great bands, we are but a few simple men….so here is Lost Tribe’s top 14 Records of 2014 – Part 1:


  1. Pharaoh – Negative Everything: This record probably takes the cake for the most oppressively dense and heavy album of the year. Like most fans of the band, I’ve been waiting for a long time for them to finally release a full length album and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.


  1. Homewrecker – Circle of Death: Despite a significant line-up change, Homewrecker doesn’t miss a beat with this follow-up to Worms and Dirt. This record is full of incredible riffs, tight song writing, and demonic vocals. This band should be on everyone’s radar at this point.


  1. Fuck the Facts – Abandoned EP: I think it’s pretty well-established that the love for Fuck the Facts over here at Lost Tribe is pretty much unwavering. This EP helps prove that this affection isn’t misplaced. Not only are they easily the most innovative band in grindcore, but they keep getting better with each release. This EP acts as a quick introduction to the newer style that this band has embraced.


  1. Cold World – How The Gods Chill: Sometimes all a hardcore needs is a little bit of hip-hop attitude and influence. This long-overdue record only gets better the more you listen to it. It’s fun, hard-hitting, and is at least on-par with everything this band has done so far.


10. Battle Ruins – Battle Ruins: Sometimes, in order to stay fresh, hardcore needs to draw from a different well. In the case of Cold World it’s hip-hop, but in the case of Battle Ruins it’s metal….and Vikings. Each song is a stomping battle cry, and while the stylistic mixes may seem odd on paper, in actuality they never seem out of place or forced.fdasdf

  1. Skinfather – None Will Mourn: I wasn’t overly familiar with Skinfather before this release, but their death-metal-by-way-of-entombed brand of music got me take notice almost immediately. Although this album never relents, it also never gets old or boring. The song-writing is tight, the riffs are crushing, and it’s about time death metal started to get the recognition it deserves again.


  1. Punch – They Don’t Have To Believe: The only bad thing about this record is that it will be the band’s last. Shortly after discovering this impressive record I found out that the singer left the band. I guess they may continue on with a new singer, but it was her fury-drenched scream that made the record stand out so much. R.I.P.


7.Self Defense Family – Try Me: This album took a few listens before I really warmed up to it, but it inevitably starts to grow on you. The songs are sparse but never lacking, and each track is somehow simultaneously simple and yet complexly layered. Also, this group runs the single greatest Tumblr account on the internet, so I guess that’s gotta count for something too.

Stay tuned for Part 2 (Records 1-6….duh) before the end of the year!


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