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Review: Fuck the Facts – Abandoned EP

Fuck The Facts

ftf abandonedAbandoned EP

Noise Salvation Records

Fuck the Facts (FTF) has always had a tendency to embody what I love about heavy metal.  They have always been boundary-pushing, crushingly heavy, and uncompromising in every way possible.  From the first time I heard their brand of bastardized grindcore, I knew that I was hearing something I wouldn’t soon forget.  My only worry was that as time wore on, the breakneck speed and purely chaotic structure would wear thin.  Fortunately, Fuck the Facts is no one trick pony.  As musicians and as a band, FTF grew, expanded, and matured.  Now, I know that ‘matured’ can be a four-letter word in the metal community, but in this case it just means that the band has figured out a way to become heavier, more crushing, and even more memorable then in their earliest grind-filled days.

This newer, more evolved version of Fuck the Facts was most apparent on their last full-length release, Die Miserable.  From start to finish the album impressed new and old listeners alike.  Since the album was devoid of low spots, it can’t really be a surprise that any songs left over from the Die Miserable sessions would be just as impressive.  The Abandoned EP is made up of exactly that; songs from the Die Miserable sessions that didn’t quite make the cut of the album.  Fortunately enough, FTF didn’t leave these tracks on the cutting room floor.

“Endless Emptiness” mixes a myriad of styles, with more traditional elements blending with the hectic fury that has becomes this band’s signature. It’s instantly memorable and just gets better with each listen.  How often can you say that about a grindcore-based song that clocks in at over 4 minutes?  “Disabused” continues in very much the same vein, with a slightly quickened tempo and even more staccato elements, and just enough stylistic changes to keep the listener engaged and guessing. Finally, “L’impasse” lays on the pinch harmonics heavy and pushes forward with memorable riff after memorable riff.  Goddamn this band is great.

If you are a fan of well-executed, riff heavy, unique metal than this release is for you.  If you haven’t gotten into Fuck the Facts yet, you are really dropping the ball, and the Abandoned EP is a great place to familiarize yourself with their current sound.

Get the Abandoned EP here. (Cassette version here).


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