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Review: Born Wrong – Art District 7″

Born Wrong


Art District

Schizophrenic Records

Hamilton, Ontario’s Born Wrong has quickly become one of my favourite new bands.  Sure, I consider them quasi-local, which is what first made me pick up the Holding Cell 7”, but it’s their unrelenting brand of hardcore that has kept me coming back.  It can be said that hardcore bands don’t offer much in the way of variety, but I don’t think that’s always the case.  Sometimes, it just requires some attention to subtlety to see how a band progresses over time.  Born Wrong is one of those groups that has been evolving in a more understated fashion, but with back to back listens of their various releases it quickly becomes easy to spot when where recording ends and another begins.

The band’s latest offering, Art District, is yet another blistering 4 song attack, with “Two Faces” starting up and hitting with the full force that only unbridled musicians with nothing to lose can fully deliver.  “Art District” and “Catholic Stares” deliver more of the same: pissed off, but ultimately catchy, punk-influenced hardcore.  Saving the best for last, “Reaching for Nothing” seems simultaneously sloppy and meticulously planned, as only bands who are comfortable leading each other slightly off course before reigning each other back in, are able to do.  Like I said, this band is maturing in all the best ways possible, while still maintaining the raw, youthful tone that makes them so appealing in the first place.

Coming from the city that spawned Left for Dead and Haymaker, expectations have long been set high for any hardcore band coming out of Hamilton, but as Born Wrong’s notoriety grows they are beginning to prove Steeltown’s musical glory days might not all be in the past just yet.

My only issue with Born Wrong is that they haven’t put out anything longer than a 7” (or half of a 10” split…whichever is longer), and they sorely need to get an LP out some time soon.

Go buy Art District here.


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