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Review: Left for Dead – 1

Left For Dead



Murder Contest/A389

Left for Dead has always held near-mythical status here in Southern Ontario.  I know this legacy is due to their incredible brand of pissed-off, fuck-the-world style hardcore that became synonymous with Hamilton in the late 1990s/early 2000s, but it might also have to do with the fact that the band never really played much outside of their hometown, their recordings were done for on the cheap, and the band members went on to form bands like Haymaker and Cursed.   Whatever the exact set of reasons, it always pissed me off that I missed this band in their heyday. Furthermore, I had to deal with the heartbreak of being all set to attend their 2004 reunion show before my car broke down the day before and I was left stranded 100KM short of Hamilton and unable to attend.

This little walk down memory lane serves to illustrate just how excited I was when I heard that the band was getting back together to play a few shows.  Unlike other bands, where the thought of a reunion over a decade after their demise might cause a sinking feeling in many people’s stomachs, there was virtually no doubt that Left for Dead could pick up exactly where they had left off.  Frontman Chris Colohan has spent his post-LFD time singing for Cursed and most recently Burning Love, and guitarist Jeff Beckman leads Pick Your Side when he isn’t organizing periodic Haymaker reunions, so it’s not like the band members had strayed far from their roots.

What made the reunion news even better was that the band only felt right reuniting if they were still able to write songs like they had used to, which, fortunately, brings us to their latest release.  I’m going to call this record “1” (because that’s what is says on the cover and because it’s supposed to be the 1st of 4 new 7″‘s), but it has also been dubbed the Chaos in Tejas cassette, the Left For Dead Cassette, reunion 7”, etc.  Whatever you choose to call it, it fucking destroys.  Along with an Exploited cover and a re-recorded track, Left for Dead pulls off 6 new tracks of pure, unadulterated, crushing hardcore.

Tracks like “Digital Pigs” and “Devil’s Punchbowl” show that LFD is not fucking around, and with the addition of improved recording facilities, are able to capture the chaotic glory that the band has long been known for.  Beyond the aforementioned tracks, songs like “Cop Trap” and “1946” also stand out as flawlessly executed songs that demonstrate that certain things get better with age, and after having the last decade to hone their craft in their various other bands Left For Dead is back and ready to reclaim their place at the top of the Canadian hardcore heap.

The record is sold out everywhere, but watch A389 for more news regarding further Left For Dead releases, and an eventual LP of their reunion-era work.


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