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Review: Born Wrong – Holding Cell

Born Wrong


Holding Cell

Schizophrenic Records

Hamilton, Ontario has never had all that much going for it.  A depressed, working class city in Southern Ontario known for its smokestack-plagued skyline and its slow economic decline after Big Steel decided to move elsewhere decades ago.  This doesn’t make Hamilton unique, as this is a fate shared by countless Rust Belt cities across North America, but Hamilton has set themselves apart in one important way…they have taken this economic disparity and consistently turned it into some of the best, most anger-filled punk and hardcore that can be found.  Following in the footsteps of Haymaker, Left for Dead, and others, Born Wrong is bringing Steel Town to life with hate-fuelled, punk-tinged hardcore that is far better than what is being put out by their contemporaries.


I still don’t know if it’s something in the carcinogen-tainted water supply, but Hamilton bands know how to blend aggression, sharp song writing, and catchy choruses like no one else.  Holding Cell starts off with successive bursts of hostility with “Heretic” and “Holding Cell”, catching anyone off guard who wasn’t expecting this type of full-on aural assault.  The stand out track of this EP is definitely “True Patriot Love”, with memorable riffs, an infectious chorus, and a healthy distrust of nationalism, I listened to this song on repeat about a dozen times before I moved on to the final song.  Closing off the album is “Loujack Cafe”, which can also be found on the impressive Defend Hamilton comp, which is how Born Wrong came onto my radar in the first place.  Telling the story of a double-murdering Hamiltonian wife/mother, this closing track ends a tremendous, albeit short, album off with a bang.


Do yourself a favour and pick up this EP.  When you do, and you become enamored with the group, then go by their S/T 7”, Split 10-inch with Kleins96, and Thin Skin flexi as well.  This band doesn’t seem to know how to put out a bad song.

Get their stuff here.


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