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Schizophrenic Records announce pre-order for Defend Hamilton comp.

Hamilton Ontario’s Schizophrenic Records has announced pre-orders for their new compiliation entitled Defend Hamilton.  The follow up to 2012’s Destroy Music: Start Your Own band features 8 Hamilton bands including hardcore legends Left for Dead.

Some advance editions w/bonus misprint cover available at Slamfest Nov 24.

Order info is as follows:

Regular/black wax edition: paypal $8.00 (US/Can)/$13.00 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com

Die Hard/mailorder edition is limited to 100, and features gold wax with an extra printed sleeve, 8.5×11 zine, Hamilton mayhem post card set, button & screened envelope.For this version paypal $13.00 (US/Can) & $17.00 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com

Defend Hamilton cover and track listing:


At What Cost – Nothing’s Resolved

Born Wrong – Loujack Cafe

Debt’d – Nurget

Dismantle – Torcher

Laid to Rest – Evelyn Dick The Torso Killer

Left for Dead – 1946

Pick Your Side – Janice D is Dead

Social Divorce – Misused, Displaced



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