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Review: Losing Skin – Infinite Death

Losing Skin

Cover Art

Infinite Death

Blasphemour Records


All too often bands today will put out an impress single or short EP, gaining the interest of all sorts of people, but then either fall short when forced to write a full length, or just disappear all together.  Well be frustrated no more because Losing Skin shows what it takes to write a complete album that is jammed full of crushing metallic goodness.   And when I say complete album, I don’t just mean 9 songs and an interlude…I’m talking 17 songs averaging about 3 minutes a piece.  Do the math, that’s a lot of angry hardcore.

Fans of Integrity, Marauder, Pulling Teeth, and the like will feel right at home listening to this dark, brooding, aggressive record.  There is no shortage of devastatingly heavy breakdowns, memorable riffs, and guttural vocals on this album, which is slightly surprising to me because this band hails from the lush green hippie-mecca of Spokane, Washington.  Now, it may just be relaying on tired stereotypes (it is) but when I think of the Pacific North West I think of burnt-out white dudes with dreadlocks and faux-black metal.  It almost seems like the mild climate, misting rains, and lush green forests would stop the formation of such a vitriolic and confrontational group, but I guess I was wrong.

Songs like “The Man Who Fell to Earth” and “Neverender” can stand toe-to-toe with the most harden-by-freezing-winters-and-pervasive-urban-decay east coast band.  That is to say, Infinite Death delivers at every turn.  There are no filler tracks, boring moments, or significant missteps on this metallic rager.  If you feel ripped off by 6 songs ‘full length albums’ or records that only offer up the goods on every second track, then give Losing Skin their day in court and I assure you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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