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Review: Enemy Insects – If It Ain’t Fast, It Ain’t Shit EP

Enemy Insects


If It Ain’t Fast, It Ain’t Shit EP

Dead Radio Music Records


Enemy Insects seems to have created an album specifically tailored to my schizophrenic musical tastes.  Does it have movie samples? Check.  Thrashy parts?  Check.  Grind elements? Check.  Crushing riffs? Check and Check.  In short, whether you have you feet in hardcore waters, love punk, prefer blast beats, or crave some crushing groove metal riffs, Enemy Insects’ appropriately titled If It Ain’t Fast, It Ain’t Shit has something for you.

One of my favourite parts of this record is how well all of these different styles are blended together.  Somehow they can go from a grind riff to a hardcore outro in a song like “Super Stoker” and have it make complete sense without being jarring or misplaced.  One band that I’ve always admired for doing similar transitions is Soilent Green, and the southern groove part of “Hive Mind” could be straight from Pussy Soul if I didn’t know better.  And Enemy Insect does it all without being horrifically misogynistic like Soilent Green always was.

In fact, each track seems to have at least one part that will have you headbanging furiously as blast beats and trem picking is abound, but then there will be a slowed down, trudging part that gives the song a memorable context.  That’s my quasi-fancy of saying that this group knows how to destroy on multiple levels.  It’s heaven for metal and hardcore fans alike.

Check it out.


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