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Hoax LP and North American Tour

Hoax, your favourite Western Massachusetts group of anti-social misfits have released their self-titled debut LP.  After a string of acclaimed 7″‘s Hoax is self-releasing this 12 song album which was features contributions from 14 different guests and was engineered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air studios.

The band has also been cool enough to release a free download of the album for anyone looking to check it out.

Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/inbe7t3epqxxbei/HOAX_LP.zip

Buy Here : http://hoaxlosangeles.bigcartel.com/

The album can also be picked up on the band’s current North American Tour.



The dates for this tour include:

8/21 – Brooklyn, NY at 538 Johnson with Warthog, Crazy Spirit and Pharmakon, 8pm
8/22 – Richmond, VA at Sacred Matter (929 W Grace St) with Barge, Asylum and Nightstalker, 9pm/$8
8/23 – Savannah, GA at Spare Time (36 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd) with Nailbiter and Dead Yet?, 9:30pm/$5
8/24 – Miami, FL at Churchill’s (5501 NE 2nd Ave) with Nunhex, Prayer Chain, Street Judge, and Search and Destroy, 9pm/$5
8/25 – Tampa, FL at the Social (1909 N 15th St.), 7pm
8/26 – Tallahassee, FL at the Ghazi House, 6pm.
8/27 – New Orleans, LA at Pubic Belt with Psychic Blood, Classhole and Mystic Inane, 8pm.
8/28 – Austin, TX at Mohawk Night Club with Impalers, Kurraka, and Glue, 9pm/$8
8/29 – Marfa, TX at Padre’s with Solid Waste
8/30 – Albuquerque, NM at TBA with TBA
8/31 – Phoenix, AZ at Wall Street (2450 E Chambers St) with Gay Kiss and Berith, 8pm/$7
9/1 – Las Vegas at New Venue with Whip Hand, Nests, Value, and No Contact, 7pm/$8
9/2 – Los Angeles, CA at TBA
9/3 – San Francisco, CA at Ormolycka Sutro Baths Cave with DJ Dog Dick and Condition, Evening/$free.99
9/4 – Portland, OR at the Know with Condition and KL’ubb, 8pm
9/5 – Vancouver, BC at Anza Club as part of Distort Vancouver IX
9/6 – Day off
9/7 – Vancouver, BC in a backyard with White Lung, Absolut, and Life Form in the afternoon.
9/8 – Olympia, WA at Old School Pizzeria (108 Franklin St NE) with Hysterics and Gag, 10pm/$5
9/9 – Boise, ID at TBA with TBA
9/10 – Salt Lake City, UT at TBA with TBA
9/11 – Denver, CO at Seventh Circle (2935 W. 7th Ave.) 7PM
9/12 – TBA with TBA
9/13 – Omaha, NE at Sweatshop Gallery (2727 N. 62nd St.), with Powerslop, 7pm
9/14 – Minneapolis, MN at TBA with TBA
9/15 – Chicago, IL at Club Rectum with Cardiac Arrest, No Class, Violent End and Pillage, $8
9/16 – Detroit, MI at CAID (5141 Rosa Parks Blvd.) with Scum, Dead Church, and Diane Rehm, 8pm/$8.
9/17 – Toronto, CA at Parts and Labour (1566 Queens St. W) with S.H.I.T., Dawn of Humans, and Ruidosa Inmundicia, 7:30pm/$10


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